Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quarry Qwest


Lots of diggers

Old rocks to examine

Brick wall building

We rode in a haul truck

Rock picking with magnifying glass

This is a working quarry in Neenah, that opens up once a year to let kids explore it. They got to do lots of fun things, and got to keep it all. They dug for gems, fools gold, learned how to make a road, and cement, watched lots of big machines, made a necklace, and many more things. The kids had a lot of fun and got really dirty, so it was the perfect activity.

Lake Michigan

The sand was perfect

The ferry

This picture is reality. We usually have one crying or whining at some point. This time we got 2 at once. They had gotten splashed right before. I would cry too, the water was soooo cold. 

I could only tolerate the water for short increments. I don't know how they were able to stay in it longer.
Every place we go we are amazed at the beauty of Wisconsin. Lake Michigan did not disappoint. Perfect sand to play in and ice cold water to try a tolerate.

Camping in Door County

Look I am in a picture! This was on top of Eagle Tower

View from the bottom

Old Lighthouse


Door County is the County in between Green Bay and Lake Michigan. Our campsite was in Peninsula State Park. It was such a beautiful place with so many trees. We can't wait to go up in the fall when the leaves have all changed colors.

Brycen is 5!!!

We went to a bounce house place called "Monkey Joes" because it was pouring outside. He had to wait an extra day to open his presents because dad was still in Korea. Thanks for everyone who sent him gifts, he loved them all. He received 4 switch and go dinos, gears, bag of rocks (chocolate), experiment book, legos, and a nano car track with the money he got in the mail.

Some of the things dad brought home from Korea.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Paper Discovery Center

If you don't know already, there are tons of paper plants here near us. They have a little center that you can go a learn about the process of making paper, plus they even let you make your own. It was a fun activity to go and do.
First step: Rip up old paper into pieces. 2nd: Put in blender and add water.
3rd: dump in a mold

4th: Dry with a sponge

5th and 6th: put between 2 pieces on think paper and put of board over the top and push down. We had to do it twice. 7th: she put them in a press with a crank. 8th: She then put them in a dryer that looked liked a big flat iron. Then you are done.
They also had a little magnet exhibit
The finished product