Sunday, December 14, 2008


I was so blessed this past week to be able to go on a cruise with Jason, my kids got to play with their Grandma and Grandpa Eddington. Thank you mom and dad for watching them for us. It was so wonderful. We went to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We flew into Miami and boarded the ship Norwegian Jewel. It is amazing how big these ships actually are!

This is our ship we were on the 9th floor.

This is us with the Miami coast line behind us.

One on the wonderful sunsets we witnesses, this one is from the day we left. The day we left 4 other ships did also, here is one of them.

Our first stop was in Grand Cayman.

In Grand Cayman we went to a turtle farm. They had so many turtles big and small. It was so fun to get to hold them.

Next in Grand Cayman we got to swim with the sting rays. It was so amazing! There are so many of them and they would just swim all around you. We got to hold them and they told us if with kissed them we would have 7 years good luck. I hope they were right!!

Our next stop was Cozumel Mexico.

In Cozumel we had the awesome experience of parasailing. The view was absolutely breathtaking. This is Jason at the beginning.

This is Michelle.

Here we are in Cozumel, of course at a Mexican restuant. We had such a wonderful time on our cruise. It was sad to come home, but we were glad to see our boys again. I would definely recommend a cruise to anyone. They are so worth it, you get to experience so many great things.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend!

What a wonderful weekend we had, we had wonderful food, weather, and fun. This weekend really made me realize how thankful I am for my family and for the opportunity I have to be a mom to my wonderful boys. Also for my wonderful husband. I love all my family and am so thankful for each of them. This year we went to my parents for Thanksgiving. I don't know if I really remember a Thanksgiving when the kids could play outside with just a jacket. They all had so much fun, and I know the adults liked the quiet inside the house for some time. It was wonderful. Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful holiday. Jaxon loved to be outside he cried when we had to go in, I love this picture.
This picture cracks me up because it shows how hard both of them were trying to make a basket. Tyler played in the dirt forever, he even stayed out there when the rest of the boys left. We couldn't get him to leave.
Of course we took the opportunity to put up our Christmas tree. We let Tyler stay up a little bit later than Jaxon. He was so excited the whole time we were putting up the lights, he just kept talking and talking, and running and having so much fun. We loved that he was so excited for it.
As you can see Tyler decorated the bottom part of the tree, he was so proud of his work.