Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bowling with the Kids!

We promised the boys we would go bowling when Tyler was out of school and dad was home from work. We weren't sure if we were going to be able to because Jaxon was sick the week before Christmas, and I got sick the week after. Finally on Thursday I felt good enough to go. We had a lot of fun even though, Tyler beat all of us!

Brycen wondering if he can pick up the ball!

He sure tried, but didn't quite make it.
*just is case you were wondering there are a lot more posts below about all of our December comings and goings.


Christmas before the kids got to it!
We got a tramp!!!

Jaxon trying to play with Brycen's new toy

We had such a good Christmas!! It is always fun to watch the kids open their new presents!

Christmas Eve

Waiting to open their first Christmas present. Can you guess what it is?
Christmas Jammies!!

Gingerbread House

Great-Grandma's Chirstmas Party

Every year we get together with my Grandma and Grandpa Redd. The past 3 years they have had a Santa come! They love it, and it is so fun to see all of the kids faces! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! We Love You!!
I wished they listened to me this well! Don't worry we do have 2 little girls in our family, one sleeping and one that wanted nothing to do with Santa. Also, our newest addition Cade was sleeping.
Ringing Santa's Jingle Bells

As you can tell he wasn't so sure he wanted to sit on Santa's lap!

Christmas Ties

I love my little handsome boys!!!

Tyler's Christmas Program

Yes I know that the picture quality is horrible! We were so proud of Tyler in his program. He actually sang (which isn't like him), and had to do a dance (which is even more out of his comfort zone). It is so fun to see him growing up and learning new things.

Decorating the Tree!

Umm...what do I do with this?
You got to love the half decorated tree!