Monday, September 24, 2012

The ZOO!!!

 We made our annual trip to the zoo today! It turned out to be a great day.  When we left our house it looked horrible, but we only felt a few sprinkles.  It wasn't crowded and so many of the animals were moving today and we got to see a lot of them up close. All the kids had fun, but I think me and Jason always enjoy it more than they do.  So glad the boys had school off today and Jason took off work so we could go.
This is the look we saw on Chloe's face the whole time. Just taking it all in.
These monkeys were so fun to watch they would come up and hang and the swing down and get some leaves and come back up.

Eagles nest

The seals and sea lions were so much fun to watch, the boys would just chase them up and down the tank.

We saw all the gorillas moving, I wish I would have got a picture of the big one inside that was right up at the glass and just stared at us.  Then when we left it followed us.  So fun!

Poor Chloe never got to get out of the stroller for pictures with her brothers.

The tiger just kept walking back and forth. It is amazing how big they are. The other big cats were moving too!

Brycen was excited to see the giraffe.

We loved the polar bear, we almost didn't get to see it moving, at the end I said lets go watch the sea lions again and she was actually swimming around right in front of us.
So sweet!!

Watching the polar bear.
Enjoy!! I know we did!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chloe's 1st Haircut


Getting Ready

It's getting shorter

After, so glad that her mullet is gone

She looks so grown up now!!!!

Crazy Hair Day

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

10 months

Wow my sweet baby girl is growing way to fast!!! She is so much fun!!!
*She still loves to eat anything we give her, especially cheerios
*She loves her brothers, most of the time
*She will stand for a little bit by herself
*She LOVES to be in the water
*She has also started to push toys and walk behind them

Aug/Sept. Randoms

Having fun with cornstarch and water!

They made a Primary!

At the park!
More Park!
We were ready for the big Utah vs. BYU game!!!

First Day of School

 School has started again! I love that they had to match that day, and they actually did all week.  So funny.  Brycen loves having mom to himself for a little bit because Chloe takes a morning nap.  It is weird for me to have 2 in school, but I am liking it.

9 months

Love those baby blues and dimples
She loves to stand and walk along furniture, eat anything I give her, and is still so content to do whatever we need her to do. It is hard to get her to hold still. She is getting so big!!
She loves to play peek-a-boo

Brycen's 3rd Birthday

Presents, he got 3 switch and go dinosaurs, a ride on toy, doctor kit, puzzle, 2 shirts, coloring kit, and a football that he got to paint. Thanks everyone he loved it all!
His M&M cake!

Blowing out candles

He has master the 3 fingers! This is the shirt Aunt Heidi made for him!

This is the back! Thanks Heidi, he loves it!

Brigham City Temple Open House

 We had the opportunity to go to the open house before they opened it up to the public, we went with my family.  It was neat because Elder Scott walked in behind us so we got to see him. Also they didn't let anyone go until he was done so we got to take our time. What a neat experience it was to be there with everyone.
All my parents grandkids, except Joshua.
Ha ha the best family picture we could get, everyone was hot and tired!