Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tyler's Baptism

We are so proud of his choice to be baptized. Tyler was so excited all day and so happy. It was such a wonderful day to spend with family. The weather was so perfect.  We had banana splits at the park, it was a lot of fun and neat day. I just  wish I would have taken more pictures. I am never very good taking pictures when I am hosting a party. Thank you for all who came to support him. He felt very loved.

I am frustrated that this was fuzzy!

Look at all those future missionaries!
Some more pictures by my amazing friend Patience!!

I love his dimples!!

He looks so grown up.

He was so happy to have a suit like dad!!

Disc Golf

Jason really enjoys disc golf with his dad.  One Friday he had off work so we all went and had fun together. My kids had a fun time and I am glad I snapped a couple of pictures. I just wish I would have gotten picture of Jason, he is really good.