Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cliff notes to catch up!

Tyler playing basketball. He was good at defense the 1st half of the season then he got bored. He would rather do arts and crafts and science stuff than sports. He played January through the beginning of March every Monday and Wednesday. Jason helped coach.

 For the most of January someone was sick, they all passed germs back and forth and all four of them were on antibiotics at some point.

Chloe 1st piggies in back!
 February we were busy with basketball and school. The boys school had a reading challenge and if they go the minutes they needed they got to go to classic fun center to play. Tyler was the top reader in his class.
The boys trapping each other!

Brycen making faces


We read books
 In March we finished up basketball, had a job fair for Tyler, played at the park, and of course had a calm and relaxing Easter.
Tyler the Musician

Not sure why this picture is turned.  But I love this picture of her. The kids were playing and I was playing with my new camera.

Jaxon was being a statue, it is also turned sorry.  He wanted to pretend he fell over.

Brycen was so happy he could do these by himself.

We fed ducks.
Chloe hunting eggs

Easter egg hunt aftermath.

Me and my mini me in our Easter outfits! So fun!

My boys got new ties. Jason was already gone so no picture of him.