Thursday, April 21, 2011

This far

This month we have been trying to take advantage of everyday we can, but it seems like they haven't happened all that often this month.

Of course we have gone to the park!
We have done some climbing!

We got the tramp set up!

Even Brycen loves it!

We did swim lessons for the 1st time. It was fun because they got to be in the same class!

Tyler is a fish!!! He was able to float on his back by himself by the 2nd day!

Jaxon on the other hand is a different story! The last day was the first time she was able to get his ears in the water, as you can tell by his face he didn't like it!

Also he wouldn't put his face in the water until the 2nd to last day, but only for a split second! He is so much like Tyler as this age, very cautious!

But he is not like that any more!! :)

I couldn't leave out the one who kept me company during swim lessons!!! Tyler passed this level with flying colors and Jaxon will need to stay on this level! It was fun to watch them try new things. I am hoping to do at least one more session of swim lessons especially for Tyler since he has shown so much interest in it! We shall see!