Tuesday, May 17, 2011


One day Brycen disappeared upstairs when Tyler was there for time-out. I knew he was probably sitting on Tyler's bed, because he had just learned how to climb up on it. Well Tyler came down but Brycen didn't, I didn't go and check right away because he wasn't crying or banything. Well when I went up there, this is what I found. So cute!!!! To bad he only slept for an hour, we are definetly ready to put him in a big boy bed!

This boys were watching a show, and Brycen went over and sat himself right in between his brothers, so of course I had to take a picture! Look at that they are all smiling.

This picture was taken about 2 seconds later! It must be a good show!

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My first born is 6!

Tyler's birthday is only 3 weeks after Jaxon's so it is fun to put them together. We don't ever do anything over the top, but we have fun nonetheless. On Saturday, we went to my mom's for a family party. Then yesterday we let him pick what he wanted for dinner, he opened his present from us, and went and got ice cream at Baskin Robbins.

He wanted to have a star with lemon cake and lemon frosting! Thanks Brittney for the cake pan, it worked out great!!

He loved it!! And I love his dimples!!

He wanted gears, as you can tell he was very happy that he got what he asked for!

Jaxon is 4

Jaxon's birthday was fun, and he had so much fun! He has loved rocket ships lately and that is what he asked for, so I thought that I would attempt to make a rocket ship cake. Thankfully I found an easy design, and he loved it as you can tell from this picture. It is very rare that I get such a cute smile from him on camera!
The finished product, thankfully Jason helped me!

Opening presents

Blowing out candles!

His favorite toy, the rocket ship!!!


We had a great Easter weekend with 3 easter eggs hunts in one day, plus we colored some eggs, and of course had lots of fun with family. My favorite part of the weekend was when the Tyler and Jaxon woke up we had them come climb in bed with us for awhile. It was fun to talk with them about why we celebrate Easter. I am so happy that them are learning the gospel. It was just a sweet moment!!

Brycen and his "muscles"

Love his face!

The loot from Grandma Eddington!

Brycen patiently waiting for his share in the candy!