Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Wow!! The past 2 1/2 weeks have been so crazy and not much fun. Here is the timeline of all of the crap that has been running through our house.
Sunday Jan 30: Jason starts running a fever
Tuesday: Jason finds out he has influenza, and Jaxon down with a fever and cough
Thurday: Take Jaxon to get checked and he has influenza
Friday: Brycen comes down with a fever, but Jaxon's is gone, not his cough though
Friday thru Tuesday: Brycen is attached to my hip won't let me put him down even to sleep. He slept by me on an air mattress.
Meanwhile on Sunday Tyler's fever starts.
Tuesday evening take Brycen in because he is breathing fast. 2 1/2 hours later find out he needs to go to the hospital for pneumonia and an ear infection. We get checked in and get situated. Poor kid is misrable.
Back at home Tyler is still not feeling well, on Wednesday Jason told me he was coughing a lot and whining a little bit
Thursday Jason tells me Tyler says it is hard to breathe. Jason takes him to the doctor, and the doctor says he needs to head up to the hospital also for pneumonia and a double ear infection.
Thursday night they check Tyler in and then check Brycen out. I come home with Jaxon and Brycen
Friday: Getting ready to take Brycen for a check up and my car wouldn't start. Thanks again Julie for helping me out! Get to his appt. just in time. Brycen checks out fine.
Saturday and Sunday Tyler is doing better and we are hopefull that he will come home then Sunday night he comes down with a fever.
Monday he has no energy doesn't want to do anything and that afternoon he also comes down with a fever, so they put the iv back in and start him on his 3rd antibiotic.
Tuesday still no energy but no fever
Wednesday doing a little better, but doctors are going to have him stay for a least until Friday. So they can see if his fever will come back again on the oral antibiotics.
Brycen and Jaxon are doing a lot better, there coughs are getting better and they are back to teasing each other so we know they are feeling better.
So there you have it, we have hanging in there. We have been so thankful for all the support we have received from our family and friends. Also all of the prayers for us. They have been felt! Thanks!
Jaxon and Brycen not loving life
He was trying to keep his eyes open even though he felt awful.

My sweet little guy, decked out in his hospital stuff

Wiped out!

My sweet Tyler not loving life, but hanging in there. It has been so hard to watch him and see how misrable he is, and I can't help me feel better. It has been a long road and we are hoping it ends soon!!
*Thanks again for all the love and support! Please keep your prayers coming!