Monday, August 22, 2011

1st Grade and 2 years old

My Tyler started 1st grade on August 15th. It is so weird to have him gone. The weeks before school started, if asked about school, he would say that he wasn't excited! I think that he was just really anxious to be there all day! Yesterday on the way to school he told me that "school is really fun" I was so relieved when he told me that! He also told me that he was going to earn his "bear bucks" everyday. Which means that he was going to be good everyday to earn them! It makes me so happy that he wants to do well in school! We are so proud of him!!!

I realized that all his school pictures are going to look that same because of the uniforms. I think he looks so much like his dad in this picture!

Tyler with some of the boys from his Kindergarten class, waiting in line the first day!
My little guy turned 2 on Sunday!! He was so funny at the party because he was loving that the attention was all on him! He was running all over and having lots of fun with his cousins.
My mom this year has given all the kids a pillowcase with their present inside. With this present he just kept peeking inside then putting it down again. He loved that everyone thought that was so funny!!

His favorite toy from us, a basketball hoop he can actually make a basket in!

His cake!

Getting ready for dad to light the candles!! He was able to blow them out this year all by himself!! So cute!! He has grown up so much! He can pretty much say anything, and is getting good at putting more words into sentences! He loves to run and jump! He loves to tease his older brothers. He loves to eat fruit, goldfish crackers, yogurt, he has started to help saying prayers, he loves to sing songs with actions with help! He is really good at throwing fits for no reason!! He still does not like to do to nursery, hopefully he will soon, but I don't see that happening anytime soon! We love him so much, he makes us laugh everyday! It would not be the same without him in our home!!!