Sunday, October 16, 2011

Car wash

Yesterday afternoon Jason decided that his car needed a car wash, and we thought that the kids needed something to do!! They had so much fun!

Brycen was the funniest because he didn't end up with a wash cloth, but he didn't care!!

*There are about 4 or more posts below! Enjoy!

Ha ha

This is how Dad watches cartoons with the boys!

Lazy Saturdays

On Saturday mornings I frequently find the boys all sitting right next to each other watching cartoons!! I am so glad that they are buddies most of the time.

These mornings usually mean that Dad is home. They love to go out on the tramp and wrestle with him and knock him over!!

So fun!!


This year Jaxon got to start preschool. We are doing a joy school with some of his neighborhood friends. We have 4 boys and 1 girl!

I teach twice a month! This is one of our very first art projects!!! Painting apple trees with their handprints as tree trunks!! As you can tell Brycen thinks he is part of preschool!! He loves it too! It is fun to be with these kids and watch them learn how to do new things!!

Peach Days

At the beginning of September we went to the Peach Days parade in Brigham City! It was fun I didn't take many pictures but here are a couple.
Look at that I was able to get all of the cousins sitting down all in one picture!! PLus Great-Grandma and Grandpa.
The cute boys stading for the flag!! They flag came by like 3 or 4 times and everytime these cute boys would stand for everyone.

*As much as I don't want to remember this I figured should document it. I am sure it has happened to most moms. When we first got there we had to wait on the corner for the police to shut down the street so we could sit down. When we could go out there we picked up all of our stuff and started out across the street. We got everyone's chair's where they wanted them, then I sit down. I look around notice that Jaxon is not there. I panic and look around can't see him close by. My dad and I take off to look for him. Thankfully I found him all the way across the street a little bit past the corner. He was standing there hugging his chair to him looking really sad!! I am so thankful that he stopped and noticed we weren't with him!! It still makes me so sad to think about it!! The look on his face makes me so sad!!