Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am One Year Old!!!

How did this happen and where did the time go!! This sweet little boy went from this..

to this in a blink of an eye!

He is getting so big so fast. His stats are:
24.95 lbs (75%)
29.8 inches (51%)
As you can see he loves to play with balls, and cars.
He has learned to walk but hasn't mastered it yet (see post below).
He can wave bye bye.
He doesn't say much, but he does say "nana" for banana.
He loves to shake his head no when he knows he shouldn't do something.
He dances to music when he heres it.
He loves to laugh at is brothers especially Tyler.
He will eat almost anything you give him.
He loves his blanket!
He loves to climb up the stairs whenever he has the chance.
He loves to take baths.
And lots of other things. We love him!!
1st Birthday Party
Lots and lots of presents!

and lots of yummy cake!!!

Happy Boy!!!!

But after all that partying this is what happens!!! We are so happy this little boy is here with us. We can't imagine our lives without him. He brings so much joy and laughter to our home.

Look what I can do!!!!

Yes my baby is walking!!! So cute!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I can't believe it....

My little Tyler started Kindergarten yesterday!! He was so excited! He was dressed and ready to go a couple of hours before it was time to go! He was so fun to watch that morning!
Yeah I got a good smile!! Usually I get the cheese face.

The girls he gets to carpool with, Halle and Sydney! They were all so excited! Their teacher is Mrs. Susana.

I had to throw a picture of these crazy cousins in. 3 out of 5 looking at the camera isn't bad!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

No kids allowed!!!

Last weekend was our first trip with my parents, grandparents, siblings and their spouses. All the kids stayed and got to play with their other grandparents. We went to St. George for 4 days and 3 nights. We rented a house, we was wonderful I would definetly recommend doing that. We went to 3 different plays, 2 in Cedar City and we saw Tarzan at Tuachan. It was such a wonderful weekend to just have fun as couples and enjoy each others company.
This is our house!

We played some Wii, pool, and air hockey!

We swam every chance we could especially the guys! We also had a lot of late nights because of this pool!

Lots of craziness!

All of us at the green show before, Much Ado about Nothing.
Thanks mom and dad for making it possible, and especially thank you to my wonderful in-laws who kept 5 boys under six in one piece while we were gone. You don't know how thankful we are to you, we all needed such a wonderful break!