Tuesday, October 22, 2013


 We took the 2 oldest to Lagoon for their first time. Jaxon was not a fan of the fast rides or the ferris wheel, that is why he is looking down in one of the pictures. He loved all the kiddie rides. Tyler was able to go on all the big rides with us and had a blast. It was fun to be able to just hang out with the 2 of them that day. I also threw in the feeding the ducks.
Jason and I took an early anniversary trip to San Antonio. It was so nice to have a break and spend time with just Jason.  We did a river boat tour, a segcity tour, the Tower of America. We went to SeaWorld, and also to the Schlitterbaun water park. We loved every minute of it and now it seems like we never went. I am so lucky to have been married to Jason for 10 years (in November)!!