Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Angel Moroni

Today we had a wonderful, and unique experience to go up to Brigham City to see them put the Angel Moroni on the temple! To see the temple go up where I grew up is just amazing! I was so thankful to be there with my family (minus Jason, Heidi, and James). What a blessing it is to be so close to this beautiful temple and all the other temples we have so close! We started out our day meeting at 11 to a light rain, nothing we were to concerned about! By the time we got to the temple about 15 minutes later it was pouring. It didn't dampen our spirits though! The rain stopped about noon, but then the wind started picking up. We didn't know if we would get to see it go up today. They kept taking the crane with men up to check the wind levels, then they would come back down! By 1 they had un hooked the statue, so we headed back to the high school, where my dad works, for bathroom breaks and something to eat. We still didn't know if they would put it up. My brother stayed there and called us around 2, we moved as fast a we could but by the time we got up there the statue was over the steeple. We may have not been able to see them move it up there in person, but we were still there to see it up there! I asked my 4 year old what his favorite part of the day was and he told me, "that is was seeing the Angel Moroni" I hope one day that my boys really understand and remember this experience!

One of the workers came over by the fence and took our camera inside and took this great picture for me!
Some of us waiting in the rain!

Brycen staying somewhat dry!

This was a teaser, they lifted if about this high for awhile, while they tested the wind. Then set it down!

The boys thought this was sure fun, us moms didn't love the fact that they were playing in a really dirty puddle. But it kept them company so what can you do!

Attaching the rod to the spire and getting it ready to the set on! This process ended up taking quite a bit of time and the boys were done so we headed back!! I will forever remember this experience, that I will probably never see again!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 4th!

Our 4th was the same as most years but great. We watch a lot of softball, watch a parade, hang out with family, and watch fireworks!

Waiting for the parade to start, his favorite part was the motorcycles!
About half to the Jacobsen cousins!! So fun!!

L. Tom Perry was in our parade! My mom works at the city and helped put the parade this year, we asked her how she got him to come her response was, "I asked him." I just wish I would have been able to go the the fireside he did on Sunday night!! I told Tyler that an apostle would be there his reply was "a real one." So fun to watch the kids learn about the church!

Waiting for the fireworks playing games!


and more eating!

Brycen like the fireworks that people were setting off before the big ones. When the big ones started he was scared and snuggled right into me. Slowly he would peak and look and then snuggle right back in, finally he fell asleep!! We had a great 4th, we hope you did too!!

The Brigham City Temple

For my nieces birthday my sister in law Karen thought it would be fun to get the cousins together and play at the park and go and walk around the temple!! It has been so fun to watch this temple go up!!

All the kids, minus Cade!
The boys had fun watching the men work on it. While we were there the big crane lifted the piece they are working on into place! The boys were in heaven!

The front of the Temple! So pretty!

The Aquarium and Dinosaur Museum

I didn't take a lot of pictures here because it was so dark, but here are a few!

"Fishies, Fishies" That is all the he said, he was so happy!

Same for the dinosaur museum, not a ton of pictures!

Brycen's favorite part "tunnel, tunnel"

There is that silly smile again!

He is getting so big!!

The Zoo!

Our 2nd day of fun!!

Waiting for dad to buy our tickets.
Waiting in line for the train!

Dad and Jaxon (this is the only smile I really got fun Jaxon)

Mom with Brycen and Tyler. If you look at Brycen's right hand, he is holding on as tight as he could and we were not even moving yet!! ha ha

Jason with the boys watching baby Zuri!

Brycen watching baby Zuri with her mom!

Every single one of them was worried and scared, they all held on for dear life!! They are always so cautious. I had to hold Brycen while standing there, and he still didn't like it!!

The boys favorite part was the bird show!! They all watched and laughed and were so happy.

Mini "Staycation"

At the end of May we did a little staycation with the boys! We went to Discovery Gateway in Salt Lake, we went swimming, went to the zoo, the aquarium, and the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. The boys had a lot of fun, and so did we! First up, Discovery Gateway!!

Working together
I don't think that I would like to ride in this car!

Not sure how we got this face, but I love it!

I hope he isn't picking! :)

They all loved this one!!!