Tuesday, March 16, 2010


It was finally warm enough to play outside at the park! The boys had so much fun! They have been so stir crazy. I am sure we have not seen the end of the colder weather but at least we could get out and have some fun while we could!

Handsome boy #1

Silly Boys!

Handsome boy #2

Handsome boy#3 with handsome daddy!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Best Buds!

My boys have been the best of freinds lately, and I love it. Yes, they do have their issues but what child doesn't. It is nice because the can keep each other company when I am taking care of Brycen. Like today it took me ONE hour to get Brycen to take his nap! They stayed down stairs and played nicely together. It is just fun to watch them together. Jaxon always is doing everything exactly like Tyler!
This is how I found them after my shower one day. So cute!

When I was done feeding Brycen, they wanted to keep him happy.

Cute, silly boys!!