Monday, August 18, 2014

Paper Discovery Center

If you don't know already, there are tons of paper plants here near us. They have a little center that you can go a learn about the process of making paper, plus they even let you make your own. It was a fun activity to go and do.
First step: Rip up old paper into pieces. 2nd: Put in blender and add water.
3rd: dump in a mold

4th: Dry with a sponge

5th and 6th: put between 2 pieces on think paper and put of board over the top and push down. We had to do it twice. 7th: she put them in a press with a crank. 8th: She then put them in a dryer that looked liked a big flat iron. Then you are done.
They also had a little magnet exhibit
The finished product

1000 Islands Environmental Center-Kaukauna

This place had hundreds of taxidermy animals, kind of cool and a little creepy as well. And some live ones too, hence the tarantula. Outside of the building there are lots of trails all around the Fox River. It was raining so we didn't explore much outside.

Menominee Park-Oshkosh

This drinking fountain reminded me of the ones at Hogle Zoo.

They say this is a zoo, but there were hardly any animals. This large elk was cool though.

Sailboats on Lake Winnebago

Playing on the beach

Got to love a forced smile!

Weis Earth Science Museum and Heckrodt Nature Preserve

Water at a new friends house!

So happy I caught this face, so funny!

Building for Kids Childrens Museum

Flying a plane

This is only some of the exhibits the kids had to explore.